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Pep rallies. Football games. Track meets. Hoops. Homecoming. Reunions.

GloryDaze captures all of your favorite high school memories and enables them to live forever.

Branded apparel and mascot memorabilia shouldn’t just be for college and pro teams. High schools have their own passionate fans, students and supporters who deserve a high-quality selection of custom product allowing them to showcase their school spirit and relive their GloryDaze.


We formed a strategic partnership with Huddle, Inc., a company most high schools already know. We share their same core values and believe that personalizing a brand builds not only a local but national brand. We invest our time and resources to become part of high school communities. Huddle has been successfully building relationships and growing its network for more than a decade. So GloryDaze is in great company.

GloryDaze and Huddle recognize the impact of the high school market and not only work to make school-specific product available, but to create an additional source of revenue for the schools. 


To participate in the GloryDaze website revenue-generating opportunities, the school or organization becomes a GloryDaze affiliate.

The school will receive a landing page on where its merchandise will be available to purchase online.  We will handle everything related to all sales processed through our website.  The school will determine how purchases are distributed (shipped to coach for distribution or shipped directly to the customer).  Likewise, schools may decide to use this as a fundraising opportunity and in that case we’ll send the school a check for a percentage of all sales of its products. Yeah. It’s that easy!

If you're interested in becoming a GloryDaze affiliate, click the Contact Us button below.

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