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Pep rallies. Football games. Track meets. Hoops. Homecoming. Reunions.

GloryDaze captures all of your favorite high school memories and enables them to live forever.

 Branded apparel and mascot memorabilia shouldn’t just be for college and pro teams. High schools have their own passionate fans, students and supporters who deserve a high-quality selection of custom product allowing them to showcase their school spirit and relive their GloryDaze.

Strategic Partnership.

We formed a strategic partnership with Huddle, Inc., a company most high schools already know. We share their same core values and believe that personalizing a brand builds not only a local but national brand. We invest our time and resources to become part of high school communities. Huddle has been successfully building relationships and growing its network for more than a decade. So GloryDaze is in great company.

 GloryDaze and Huddle recognize the impact of the high school market and not only work to make school-specific product available, but to create an additional source of revenue for the schools. 

Want to join us?

To participate in the GloryDaze website revenue-generating opportunities, the school or organization becomes a GloryDaze affiliate.

The school will receive a landing page on where its merchandise will be available to purchase online 24/7.  We will handle everything related to all sales processed through our website and will ship purchases directory to the buyer AND we’ll send the school a check for a percentage of all sales of its products. Yeah. It’s that easy!

GloryDaze will also provide each affiliate school with a marketing Game Plan and other resources to assist the school in promoting its GloryDaze product page.

And because we’re awesome, GloryDaze will create (at no cost) a customized Brand Standards sheet for each school affiliate. The sheet will detail the proper usage of your logos and will come with input on how to control the school’s brand and put it to work making money for your school.

One more thing.

Interested in fundraising? GloryDaze is also happy to support its affiliates by providing a FREE fundraiser kit which includes a Game Plan, sample T-shirts, order forms, a promotional banner, and a postage-paid return envelope.  Schools will take orders for GloryDaze product, collect payment, and return the order forms to GloryDaze. The school keeps its share of the proceeds and GloryDaze produces the product and ships it back to the school for distribution.

Any school can participate in the website opportunity or fundraising or both – it’s totally up to the school!

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